Because I’ve done many, many things in my life; I had a sesame company in Africa, I had a pharmaceutical interest in Egypt years ago with Dr. Schwabe, a very special man. And I built a restaurant in Chicago, and I had the first African greeting card that came into America. So, I’ve been entrepreneurial, active for many, many years. I had a record company on 57th Street for three years from ’69 to ’71, I was producing for Ampex.


So, this afforded me to try and do some things to keep me at home. I’m a homebody, I don’t like to travel. I’m traveling more now than I ever did in my life. So, it enabled me to make some financial mistakes, okay? The only thing that paid off was music! Music! Music! Put another nickel in the nickelodeon. All I wanted to love is music, music, music. So, that’s a thing that has paid — I’ve had many, many businesses. But the thing that I always have to come back to is music, okay? So, I stay in that spot now. I don’t do other things. I stay in a ballpark that I know a little bit about.

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