I began singing — the first piece was a Chinese composer Tan Dun. He wrote a piece called ‘Ghost Opera’ with the pipa and a string quartet. He wrote it for me and with the Kronos Quartet.1 It was, wow, almost 20 years ago. And that piece, there’s a singing part for me. Well, in music school, we all have to learn folk songs. We have to know which folk song from which region, what kind of style, so we have to learn singing. But singing, it’s not for your voice, it’s basically just to get to know the style, so we know the songs.


But when Tan Dun wrote that piece, the first time, he asked me if I could sing. I said, “Well, yeah, I can, but not as a singing, singing. I just sing for myself. I know the style, not publicly.” So, he said, “Can you try to singing publicly on the stage as a singer, play and singing a part of the piece?” So, that was the first time. I tried and I enjoyed it. My voice never trained, it’s just a natural voice, so I don’t mind.2 I don’t have to practice my voice. It’s just to get on the stage and just start to sing.3

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