Yeah, I mean I think — one of the things I feel with art for me is that you need to find something you love to do, and turn that thing into — somehow be able to turn that thing that you do ordinarily, that you wouldn’t even need to get paid to do.1 Turn that into your — the bedrock of what your art is. So, if you like taking walks, or if you love researching or if you — you just love dressing up, somehow you can turn that skill — if you’re an artist, you can turn that love of whatever it is, into something that is quite — it could be a shared experience. So, magazines have been in my world since I was a tiny girl.2 My dad subscribed to Newsweek and Time and National Geographic.3 So, I was always — I did look at a lot of magazines as a child, and all that glossy, wonderful paper, it’s just sort of a bridge to the world out there to everything that’s out there, to be looked at. This is pre internet, pre Google of course.4

  1. Started Out Curious []
  2. Anthropologically Correct []
  3. Is God Dead []
  4. Lou Harrison, Veracious Listeners []
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