I could tell immediately that everything had just about exploded into all this — newness transformation was in the air. They were selling pieces of the wall. There were a lot of soldiers who were selling their East Block looking uniforms. You could buy communist stars and insignias from the east part of Berlin. The difference between east and west was so dramatic.1 Now it’s kind of a little bit less so, but it still is. But then it was just like super division, like one place had been locked away in time, which is kind of what happened, and the other one — the west had moved along and progressed and there was so much money.2


And we stayed in East Berlin, each of us with families, who agreed to host us. And these families were regular in terms of income, regular families from Eastern Berlin, but they felt so much poorer than a lot of the West Germany families that we stayed with.3 And they also just had this — my family in particular had this bizarre thing where they posted all of these images and magazine pictures and cut-outs of newspaper, of all the things they wanted from the west.4 So, they had pictures of TVs and shoes or kind of — anything that kind of read like what middle class people have, and the west as part of Germany, they had it on their wall as a sort of — I guess a totem to what they were trying to acquire.5

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