My childhood was, well, primitive compared to many things today, because you go back 80 years or so, things were a lot more primitive here and other places too. But I grew up in a small town and actually outside of a small town and into a — fortunately to me, at least I think it was a good background, that I grew up in a rural area.1 And then I went away to school, went to school, a prep school in California and then I went to Princeton — went East at age 16 and then graduated from Princeton University.2 My class was 1945.


That was not unusual from Texas at that time, as I was talking to somebody just the other day. In fact, I had lunch with the President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas and — he was Harvard, but we were talking about a lot of Texans if you go back a couple of generations — a lot of Texas farm and ranch families sent children back East to school at that time, still do to some extent.3

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