What I wrote was mostly political science fiction. There is mechanical science fiction, there is rocket science fiction and there’s planetary and then there’s political science fiction. What I wrote was — I wrote stories, in which the Alamo was not defended, because what I did, I put the Alamo in an alternate universe, the same type of people that showed up back in 1836, more or less the same type, the ne’er-do-wells, the scruff bums and so forth and so on.


Well, the point is — and I put language, modern — at that time, the 1960s, language into their mouths, the way they talked. I had them dressed like bums, like the 60s pretended to do. Anyway, they all had to vote and decided it was stupid to defend the Alamo and left. And then the story goes on that — then the Mexican armies advanced, and they meet the French-Canadian armies down on the Mississippi, and they have totally wiped out the English settlements, because the English, the Anglo-American settlements were too squeamish to push the Indians out of the way and they were too appreciative of Native American rights, so therefore they couldn’t expand.1 And the French-Canadians and the Mexicans took over the continent.2 Well, this is the kind of thing that impressed writers, did not impress the general public.

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