I always take Sierra Leone with me. It is in my head. It is both rewarding and nightmarish what Sierra Leone has been for me.1 We are, as it were, modernizing post-civil war Sierra Leone now, but we have all kinds of problems. We’re still making some of the same bloody mistakes that were made before. The mistakes of recklessness in our politics, and there’s too much bloodletting between the parties, and we just could be heading for disaster, not of the same nature as 15 years ago when we had a rebel war, but our political passions are too intense. And it frightens me, to be quite honest. I’m concerned about Sierra Leone and then watching what is going on.


My hope is that come another year from now or on the outside, two years from now, I ought to be able to spend 50% of my time in Sierra Leone and 50% here. So, I’m watching it, but yes, I never left Sierra Leone. I would always be a Sierra Leonean by birth, by inclination, by everything, and I hope I have a few more good years to see us rebuild what was essentially a very lovely, beautiful country.

  1. Freedom To Intervene, This War, Unhappy Belgian, Your Own Country []
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