Well, of course, behavior can be objectively monitored, but your interpretation of that behavior is always subjective. So, if you punched someone on the nose, I believe my senses and, it’s recorded that’s an objective behavior.1 How I interpret that behavior, what I think of that behavior, your personal reasons for doing, executing that behavior are, of course, highly subjective. So, actual objective events — and the same with science. You can get a result, the equivalent of punching someone on the nose, how you interpret it will vary always from one scientist to another, and the value you put on it and the significance and what it means and all that. That’s why science is such an individual, one highly personalized preoccupation, even though it’s ruthlessly objective, because interpretation and significance is something that is subjective, whereas the actual physical or chemical event in the outside world is, of course, something that can be objectively recorded.

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