Non-believing people who are — who act morally are like a son who has inherited a lot of money from his father and grandfather, and is living on it.1 What they call morally is precisely religious morality. They don’t kill, they don’t steal, they don’t commit adultery, they don’t slap people around. They’re polite and so forth, every single one of them is virtuous. They didn’t invent them. They were there, and so they’ve inherited that without the metaphysics that is behind it, that is the divine reality, which is the source of all these virtues. Secondly there is something in the human soul, which is — this is a very profound issue, that once one turns away from God, in essence the soul itself plays the role of God within us. And wants to prove to God that I am better by virtue of forgetting thy. And so you have often times Atheistic people who are much more moral than believing people. But there’s a very profound psychology connected to that.

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