Glenn Gould of course is not a harpsichordist, he’s a pianist. But he played harpsichord on one occasion. And one of my best friends, who was the head tuner for Steinway, and so there was a session with the entire New York Philharmonic doing one of the Brandenburgs, and Glenn Gould was directing it playing both the piano and the harpsichord. And so, my buddy from Steinway was tuning the piano, and I had to tune Mr. Gould’s harpsichord, and it was this horrible, horrible instrument; very, very heavy. Of course, if a pianist would use an instrument with a very, very heavy touch harpsichord, in general has a very light touch.


And so, I tuned the instrument, and then all of a sudden we got to the part in the Brandenburg, where Mr. Gould was playing the harpsichord, and it was completely out of tune. In one hour, it had gone completely out of tune because it was such a horrible instrument. And so, the producer were rushing up and saying “What’s the problem, what’s the problem?” And Glenn Gould went “Hahaha, ask him.” And he pointed at me, and I said the instrument is a terrible instrument, that’s what the problem is. I mean from my point of view, it was very funny. And fortunately, it only took — it takes like 15 minutes to tune a harpsichord. It’s not as long as it takes to tune a piano. And so, I tuned it quickly with 120 musicians waiting around, the cost added up. So, I had to write a letter to the production company stating exactly what the problem was.

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