I mean I think what is interesting about vin de terroir and biodynamic wines is that it does put a human being in relation to nature, and in an appropriate relation to nature, where you have to really kind of submerge your own ego in service of a larger ideal. ((Fatalistic Logic, No Byproduct)) You’re not — the object is not for you to show the world how clever you are, but really to show the world how clever the nature is or God or the vineyards or whatever it might be. ((The Ethics)) So, you’re really kind of in service to a larger ideal, and that’s I think quite interesting. ((Monolithic Entity))


Again, maybe the youth of our industry in the New World, is not quite ready for that. ((Psychic Channels)) We want to show — we name our wines after ourselves by and large, and we often have the desire to want to impose our own kind of strong stylistic imprint on a wine, whatever that might be. ((Fast As Speed)) And again, I think that’s just kind of a useful, slightly immature attitude, which potentially can change over time.

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