You see, Mother Theresa, one thing was there. You see, I met Mother in 1970, when she was hardly known, and — because one of my editors from the newspaper where I used to work was from Calcutta. He lived in Calcutta and one day he’s hanging out. He said he’s met a great lady, “Raghu, you’ve got to come to Calcutta to photograph her.” So, the first day that I met the lady that I — the energy and the feeling that imbibed from her, the Mother that I met at the first day and the Mother who left us in 1996, 98 was the same ordinary, simple, loving, dedicated human being.


She never fluctuated as a human being, and that was something so magical, and the purity of mother, her relationship with everybody was so special that each time when I was in Calcutta and then — their prayers would begin at 6:00 in the morning, so she would say “All right,” to come at 6:00 in the morning.1 And I made sure that when I wake up, I take my bath, brush my teeth and how I wish that I could clean myself up from my inside as well to be — to receive the purity of things. She was so dangerous that she will not look at you. When you go greet her, she’ll hold your hand with a warm smile. Through your eyes she will look into you and she will look inside you, so it was a very dangerous experience that mother had seen me from inside, so I better behave.2

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