India is a country where so many centuries have learned to live side by side, and the experience of India has to be multi-layered.1 You see, many foreign photographers come and they are so fascinated by what goes on here in India, that bulk of it is visually exciting, but it doesn’t have the inner depth of the life that is being lived here. So, the thing is that — then I thought that we also like — photography is a west — medium that came from the West. Camera was invented in the West, so we learned from the Western masters to capture a moment in space.2


Now, thousands of good photographers have captured millions of good moments in space, and there comes a saturation point in any art form, so the idea of all that — listen, man, India needs much more from you just — rather than clicking a moment in space. So, that’s why I started using panoramic cameras, because the way the life is throbbing in every given space or corner of the street or wherever you go, there are so many different moments living at the same time, so the ability to capture multiplicity of happenings was the madness that drew me in.3

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