I just realized that if I was the only one who could think in such an irreverent manner, there was no hope. That there must be others like that. And so, when I published The Realist, it grew and grew by word of mouth because my urge was to share what I published with others.1 And so, the readers had that same feeling, the urge to share what they enjoyed or that woke them up with others. And so, it was like kind of a Malthusian increase of — so I at first thought, boy, if I can get 300 subscribers, that would be great, and then 1000 I said, and then 3000, I had no idea. At its peak in 1967, it reached a 100,000, and had a pass-on readership, friends giving it to friends or a group of kids in college or people who got it from a library, where people could keep getting it once it was returned. So, it just — it didn’t carry any advertising, so the subscriptions and the news stands and bookstore funds that had came in, enabled me to publish it.

  1. Confinement Pt. 2 []
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