I didn’t accept the idea that the purpose of publishing magazines was to get a lot of money from advertisers.1 You use up good space. And also, The Realist was controversial enough that there probably weren’t too many offers. Occasionally I would get an offer, and I would send him an issue which would be the most offensive, and I said do you want to pay for an ad in the same issue as this? Where if I don’t like the ad, I will feel free to criticize it in my own magazine, and I never heard back from them. So, it just became my way of doing it. So, I didn’t have anybody to answer to, except the readers, and they trusted me not to be afraid of offending them. So, there was this unspoken agreement with this invisible audience that was a two-way street, just from the feedback that came in. I once devoted a whole issue to letters to the editor, just because they were all funny or insightful or anything — again, that I wanted to share, look how somebody’s reacted to this. So, I just put a notice in the magazine saying “When unsubscribing from The Realist, please be sure to include your zip code.”

  1. Hyphenated Word, Seduction Of The Beast, Switches Me Off []
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