With Eulogy, I depict a man holding a blobfish. And this particular fish is being fished to extinction, because it’s being trolled and being caught in these nets, when we’ve been looking for shellfish that live deep in the sea. And it’s being caught up and being thrown away, because it’s inedible. And so that’s how we get cheap food, by destroying the ocean floor and picking up these shellfish.1


And the blobfish, and that’s its common name. So, it hasn’t even got a name where it’s got any dignity. It has a face on it. And we’ve kind of projected on it and think oh, it looks just like our face, but it’s kind of — it’s a bit — we laugh at it, because it’s got this sort of sad expression. It’s got a big nose. And like it’s — if I had drawn the blobfish, people wouldn’t believe that it could be possible, and they would think “Oh, that’s just a made up thing,” but actually it exists. And that’s what it looks like in real life, and people say it’s the saddest fish on earth, and make jokes about it.


And in reality it’s the most amazing creature, because the density of its gelatinous body is such that it doesn’t float up and it doesn’t sink down. It just hovers there. It’s just the perfect sort of density for it to withstand this heavy pressure of water above its head, like just so much water. Other creatures have to have shells on them. And it’s one of the few fish that stays with its young. It’s like perfectly adapted to its environment. And it’s just a shame that it’s being destroyed for no good reason. So, when I made this work, it’s kind of like — and I’m showing this man holding this fish as it’s sort of dying. It’s like it’s not saying oh, he’s the guy that’s doing it, because normally a man in a suit — they wouldn’t be holding a fish that’s not — it’s not saying he’s the culprit. It’s saying that this man is at least connected to it, and is with it as this is happening.

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