This roots I would describe first, I see this link to Hungary, but also like a vagabond, I don’t know, like someone who has no home base. If you have a parent that felt sort of uncomfort in the place where he stays, and you grow up with an uncomfort of your parent, you’ve got it in your genetics, you understand, it’s in me from my childhood, that there was someone who doesn’t feel comfortable.


And he also said very often to us, when we were children, that we should leave the country when we are grown-ups. And maybe also because of his past, of the Jewish thing, that he didn’t want to speak about that, he was afraid, things could come back. But he didn’t want to involve us in all this. So, it was kind of a secret with what I grew up. And I think this is a cocktail that gave myself a discomfort for being in this country, and I do not have a feeling of a national identity.1

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