What about Mr. Foucault? How can I base my apprehension and analysis of African literature on the theories and percepts provided by these books solely? No, it is important to know them, but it’s also important to know what makes African art and African culture tick. This is really — those of us who are writers, are in a great deal of a dilemma. Many of us actually feel cheated, because we feel that our works are not appreciated enough in the west.


We know it, the kind of comments you get, the kinds of invitations you get, what the kind of honorarium they want to give you when they invite you, occasionally you ask, “If I were a White writer with my kind of publication, my kind of academic background, with my kind of standard, will you offer me this?” and then silence. There is a lot of mending that still needs to be done for the healthy development of scholarship across the borders, across the oceans.1

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