Well, as a child, I felt and I think this happened, and is happening to many, many female children all over the world. It’s not only in Egypt. That’s what I learned when I grew up. When I was a child, and especially a child from the village, and poor families, the family of my father was a peasant, but the family of my mother were more or less middle class.1 So, I felt a lot of limitations to my movement, to my mind, to my body, to everything as female and as a girl. So, I had to fight back, and even they tried to marry me off when I was 10 years of age.2 This was the tradition in the village. So, I tried to fight back, because I wanted to learn, I loved knowledge, I loved the school, so I was fighting back, and also I was supported to some degree by my mother and my father.3

  1. East Berlin, Railroad Tracks []
  2. Aim Of Woman, Without Shoes []
  3. Hindu Kush Mountains []
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