Reading books is not enough.1 Reading philosophy is not enough. Reading religions is not enough. We have to live. Experience in life is very, very illuminating in all fields, but it needs somebody who is really wanting to learn, open mind and wanting to learn and to understand what is happening.2 So, I learned from my life, from my exile, from my prison. One of my best books I wrote in prison, Memoirs from the Women’s Prison. I learned a lot from my work in the village.3 I read a lot of books in medicine, and I read a lot about circumcision, but I never understood the major problem of cutting children, except when I saw it in front of me. So, I think life experience is like gold.

  1. Concept Of The Absurd []
  2. Book Of The Mind, Grand Exaggeration, Lived The Research, Stole This Knowledge []
  3. Language In Which You Dream []
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