Well, I think everything painful has some positive element. And I used to teach creativity and dissidence, the relationship between being creative and being dissident and revolutionary. So, exile to me is like prison, like censorship, like a power trying to put me down, though I benefited a lot that I tried to get rid of this conception of nationality, and the conception of what we say fatherland or motherland, or patriotism, because I felt that I had friends in America, in Europe, like I had friends in Egypt, in any country. So, it’s not a matter of identity. I started to be very critical of the conception of identity, national identity or religious identity, or even gender identity, because I started to have men friends who are very, very understanding of what I’m saying, more than some of the women.1 So, in fact traveling and living in different countries, and in exile helped me a great deal to broaden by conception.2

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