I think as a writer, I’m a very visual writer. It’s always images that I carry with me. And maybe that’s why I never take notes also. Because I would probably remember say that I was eating dinner alone, watching a couple arguing next to me. I would probably more remember the visual image. I would remember their faces, the light, the way their hands were moving in the air, more than what they were actually saying. So, that would probably be what I would remember. And then, it would be pretty easy for me to come up with the argument itself, or the words.


But yes, when I write, I have a very strong feeling of being in that room that I’m describing. I have to feel it physically almost. I remember when I did the novel, I would — yeah, I would feel that I was actually in that particular room that I was describing at that time, or I would hike in that particular landscape. I would smell it, I would feel it, I would see it. So, in a way, I feel that I jump out of myself, and write into the character, and then I am the character. And sometimes I’ve been wondering if being introduced to shamanism as a kid has to do with that.1


Because when you learn how to do like dream traveling, or I don’t know the English word for that, but when you do shamanism, you kind of leave your own body, and enter another body. And it was part of growing up for me to be able to kind of jump out of my body, and into something else. And maybe that’s why it’s so easy for me to do it when I write.

  1. Process Of Reconnecting []
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