Well, I was always attracted to music whenever I would hear it, I mean even before I realized that I would become a musician. And I was also attracted to the visual arts; I used to draw.1 And I’m more or less — and sports, of course; I more or less favored drawing, and visual arts, and I would just become very attracted, and slightly excited when I would hear music. I was always attracted to it. And it was something that I would wonder how it was produced, and whatnot like that, still not realizing that I might become a musician at that time. I more or less wanted to draw, and learn how to produce artwork, and whatnot like that.


And that was more or less during my very early days and through grammar school, and whatnot. And when I entered high school about the second year, second or third year, I got this overwhelming desire to join the music field; it just came over me. So, I left high school and went downtown, and enrolled in a music school. I wanted to pursue music. It just came over me that way. So, I guess it was time. And from there, I started to pursue the practice of music.

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