Well, I’ve never thought in terms of genre. I’ve always thought in terms of knowing everything down to like its basic DNA, and then letting it grow from there into something that’s just a musical object. And it doesn’t really matter what people call it. I mean that’s always kind of been my thing. So, that all kind of fit into a general philosophical framework I already had, even though I never thought of it in a very specific way, like that unfolded.


So, as far as like a general overall philosophical framework, I mean I think all music’s always been a melting pot. For instance, Bach, he was a melting pot of tons of styles that existed around his time, and he kind of took it all in and spat it all out, but in an original way. And there’s nothing new about subgenres coming into existence because of an intercourse between two other genres. I mean that’s what music and creativity has always been. So, I think all of that was just following in the course of nature in a way.

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