Well, the last time I cried was the night that dog got hit by a car, and it was my fault. I mean it was like — I don’t know. You get involved with a pet. I dearly loved that dog, and I thought you know if that dog winds up ever getting lost and he winds up in medical research, I wouldn’t want that or anything. So, I got a friend of mine who was an ambulance doctor, and they used to stop in front of the — hang out at my shop waiting for ambulance calls. And he anesthetized the dog, because I wanted to put a tattoo on him. So, he was my buddy bear, the dog, so I put the same tattoo on him that was my first tattoo, and that was a heart with “Mother” in it.1 And I figured, if that dog ever got lost, it would never wind up in medical research, because with the tattoo on that dog — and Bull Terriers have hardly any hair on the inside of their thighs, their rear thighs, and that’s where his tattoo was.


That was such a powerful little dog, and I had already been on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine and everything else, and it was the San Francisco based magazine at the time.2 They’ve now moved in New York. And I was in — and Chadwick was also in — we were in the 1972 calendar book that they put out.

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  2. Is God Dead []
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