I spent my summers in our summer cottage, which was very modest, but in the middle of big forests and by the lake. And what I loved, especially of course, where all the birds in summer time — because there was so much light, so they were singing very much, and I loved the different acoustics.1 The forest next to the cottage was very much a forest with big leaves. So, after the rain, the forest had very special acoustic, which was much more reverberant than in normal time when the leaves were dry, and of course I didn’t understand the physical reason for that, but I loved walking in the forest after the rain when birds started to sing again. And the other important sound for me was the lake, which we spent a lot of time by the lake, and listening to waves. And one really important sound for me was also I loved to go with my father who went fishing, and he had an aluminum boat. And so, the sound when I went with my blanket and I spent time on the boat when he was fishing, so the sound which — the lake waves, when they were hitting this aluminum, it was a very special sound.2

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