Paris is of course my home city now for a long time. That’s where my children have grown up, that’s where — we have home. It’s a city which has changed a lot also during all these years. It was a very positive center of many contemporary music phenomenon, IRCAM, next to Centre Pompidou.1 I felt it was full of positive energy, now a long time ago in fact, 30 years ago.2 I cannot believe it. I love the city because of its beauty, because of its polemic nature, and very international nature, but it has changed a lot, and I think that Paris and France today are not as open and inspiring as they used to be.3 But still it’s a lovely city which I love a lot, and which has meant to me very much, because coming from a very different, very Protestant culture from Finland, and then from Germany, it’s opened different sides of myself, to be more permissive with myself to more permissive about different ways of enjoying life. So, it has been — I think it has opened new sides of me, and it has been good for my music also.4

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