At the beginning of World War II, I was inducted into the armed forces at a station in Ogden, Utah.1 So, I was interviewed by the officers there. As I was standing there, one of the officers came forward. So, they asked me “Alright sir,” he said, “With your education, we can give you an officer’s commission.” I said, “General, thank you very much for that offer. However, I want to follow the footsteps of my grandfather Crow Indian Chief Medicine Crow who started on the warpath when he was only 15 years of age, and in a short while become a war chief with great war deed, considered one of the most decorated Crow Indian warrior who had become a chief. I’m going to follow his footsteps — battlefield action, fighting hand-to-hand fight, butcher German soldiers.”2 And I did complete those four dangerous battlefield, personal hand-to-hand battle with the enemy, I completed those four without a scratch. So, not only had I completed my grandfather’s — carried on his great war record, but I added some more, so the Crow elder in reciting war deeds, a ritual, recognized me as a Crow Indian chief, the greatest of all Crow Indian chiefs of all time. I was flattered.

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