In 1825, the United States government and the sovereign nation of Crow Indians met in treaty council in Montana. They talked about trading. They talk about helping each other in times of war. The Britishers were still here trying to take some of the United States country, so from that day to this day, whenever the United States is at war with some country, the Crows are right there to help, and it’s worked. It’s worked. The United States appreciated that the Crow Indians have decided to become friends of the white people and the United States, and that they would join in whatever they’re doing — economic venture, war, commerce, whatever.1 So, from that day, 1825 to the present time, we’re always working with the United States government, going to war, Mexico, going to war here and there.


So, it’s working that way and I think the people of the United States have learned and have understood or understanding this Crow way, Crow idea, Crow philosophy. So, we work together, we do good things not only here in this Mother Earth country, but throughout the world. The Crows are noted for their culture and history throughout the world.2 People come from all over the world to our Crow Fair to dance with us, live with us, take part in our ceremony. They want to be Crows, which is good. I appreciate it. Iā€™m doing my part.

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