I would say we are on the scale of knowledge, and there is a weak knowledge and a strong knowledge. I know very well something or I believe something. Faith is out of any kind of knowledge.1 Faith is to give ones own confidence to something of — or to somebody precisely without knowing if there are good reason. The model of the faith is Abraham. God says “Abraham, take your son and sacrifice him for me.” And Abraham said okay. And it is not — that is an important point. I think it is not because Abraham thinks of course, God will do something to avoid the killing of my son. No, Abraham did what God asked, because — not ask, but command, because he is God. So, this is faith and belief is different — people who dismiss this type of belief, such people can be people, I would say, full of faith, that is not people believing that it will be another life after death, but much more. People giving their confidence to the fact that their life is — I would say meaningful, even without resurrection in the ordinary meaning of resurrection. I know this is maybe almost impossible to think that, to think — but to think in a way of — not speaking of knowledge, but in a way of understanding, we cannot understand how our life makes sense without coming to any kind of achievement of meaning.

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