Normally I feel that the people hear it too loud. So, from this, I asked the orchestra to practice this instruction to make the level of the loudspeaker sound. But in June, I had a very interesting experience, that was played an old piece from ’89 for the second time in a good performance. It lasts around an hour, and it was presented in a church close to the Centre Pompidou in Paris.


There are a lot of small restaurants and activities in the evening on the places, and I was a little bit afraid about the noise. And I did not know that this was the evening that France played soccer against Switzerland. So, you can imagine what happened outside. Inside the church was really nothing to hear, but from outside, you could hear the fans of the soccer game, always shouting and clapping after a goal for France.


But it was very interesting that you could distinguish during the performance what was inside, and what was outside. So, I had not the impression that the performance was disturbed. It was a very special performance that I think if you can hear in the recording that the France keeper had successful things in the game against Switzerland. But also, other people told me that what comes from outside did not destroy the piece. I was not sure before, but the experience was very interesting for me.


And the second experience in this way was in my piece, Voice, Books and FIRE 3, there is also some quotations of Quran, lecture. And the girls who presented this piece are also on CD, asked an Imam to help them to pronounce the Arabic in the Quran correctly. And this Imam said, “Oh, it’s not allowed to recite Quran verses if instruments are used.”


And so, I was asked what’s my opinion of this thing, and I said the instruments like the walls of a mosque, also if you recite the Quran, you will hear something from outside in the mosque. And so, the instruments are like the walls, you have some noises from outside, girls singing, airplanes coming, and all these things.


And then the next circle around the singing is the instruments, and inside this room or space of different sounds and noises, the singing exists. So, the instruments does not disturb reciting the Quran. And the interesting thing was the Imam accepted this.1

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