The first thing I remember, clear, from my life, in the late ’50s of the last century, the East German government forced the peasants to join this Agricultural Production Cooperative. And the idea of such cooperative are not so bad. But the kind the East German government forced the peasants was very bad. And in the small village, where my father was Lutheran pastor, a lot of peasants refused to join these cooperatives.


And in front of the houses of these peasants, have been — they brought — the government brought lorries with loudspeakers. And 24 hours in the day, without interruption, from these loudspeakers there came very bad kind of music, marches and these songs, and interrupted only by shouting “This peasant with the name” blah, blah, blah “is a slave of the capitalists”, whatever, “and do not want to join our nice cooperative.”


And it was in my head — so long — and that’s the reason I make music, to get out this cruel noise from me. So, I have a very — I do not like loudspeakers so much, if you can imagine, and I hate, really, this loud kind of music.1 And I try with my music to build up some areas where you can listen, and you are not disturbed by the noise from the outside. Okay, you cannot stop it. It comes through the windows and so — but there can be areas which are — this misuse of music is stopped a little bit.

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