At the same time, I was studying film school, and at the same time I was working and living with people who made theater for children.1 And just before that, I was also — by accident I had to replace a clown when I was something like 16, 17, and I continued for a few years. And it’s — I was not — I didn’t play so much, but I had the feeling to learn a lot, and also in theater for children, you have to learn very quickly, because the kids are not polite, they leave if they — if they don’t understand something, they ask questions.2 And no, it was really interesting, and like I truly — I wanted to be a cameraman, but at the moment I started also to work with actors in theater.3 I decided to be a film director, and so I changed my — I turned to a director. I changed the direction I made, and then I made short movies for ten years and then a feature movie.

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