Harriet Fraad, she wrote a piece in Tikkun, that the feminist movement had been co-opted by the corporate types, and she mentioned Gloria Steinem. So, when one of her surrogates called me one of the worst misogynists in the country, I took exception to that, wrote them a letter, Robin Morgan.1 Robin Morgan was the editor, the woman who said that male ejaculation is an act of war? She was the editor at the time, and one of her surrogates. So, I found out that the magazine is owned by guys, it’s owned by men. And I wrote them a letter. And it sounded very legalistic. I guess that’s why they had all the women read my novels, to see if what this one writer said was true. And they concluded that she was correct. And so, I complained to line communications, because Ms. was losing money.


And I said they’re losing money because the women on the staff are spending all their time reading my novels. And Robin Morgan resigned about three months later, and I’d said that they reflected the old plantation paradigm, where all the White women had editorial positions, and the rural women, the minority women had contributing editorships. So, she resigned and a black woman took over. But they’re compromised by getting money from wealthy patriarchs, and so what happens is they can’t criticize them, so we become scapegoats. That was what I figured it out to be, and Bell Hooks and other feminists agree with me because black women have been criticizing women liberation movements over 100 years.2 I mean I’m just an amateur at it.

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