Stanley Dusk, well he is — so Stanley Dusk was looking into the legacy of Ted Wilson, and Ted Wilson maybe is a much smaller character, but what happened with the Stanley Dusk guy, he got so compassionate about the story of this lost love and of Nelly and whatever, and yeah, that he left his cockroach business more or less completely behind and filled up this blog, and what he then did further in the process is that he took my work and made it into his project by on his blog labeling it as the Museum of Unrequited Artefacts.1 So, the amazing thing is that we are not talking about reality that I had found a scholar who said, “Okay, I’m ready to be your Stanley Dusk and you are in the city and you do it and you feed me stuff. And I put it on the blog,” and I was so grateful and whatever that this guy, of course, has his own thinking, and it’s amazing. And so, he brings it in his hands, and now he’s more or less a partner. Where does reality stop and fiction start are the differences.

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