No, I mean, I really feel that my shoulders are freer in North America than they are, particularly in Germany, but also in whole Europe.1 And that has probably to do again with the bleak history, and also with the density of the place. You have Europe, and particularly Germany.2 I mean look at the population and the density, and then look at how thoroughly this place — and how long it is lived in and populated and designed. And the designment goes so far that you go through a city of — like as I lived in Munich, where every centimeter is defined, and is taken, is occupied, and is often very beautiful and a very thoughtful design, and I think Berlin has now caught up with it.3 I haven’t been in Berlin for the last 12 years. I did a project there before. It was so thoroughly apparently designed. And here in North America, you have much more physical freedom still, because you have — you have alleyways, you have unoccupied places.4 You have architecture that is so bad that you can’t even call it architecture.5 And that leaves you with much more freedom to intervene, I think.

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