One thing I can confess is I’m creating all these legacies out of something that I think I share with the viewer, and that is a longing for such stories, for stories that have a romantic aspect in a way that there were people behind who dedicated, sometimes sacrificed their life for something that’s bigger than their daily life, and there is a big romantic aspect in that.1 So, I can’t deny that. But then because I reveal all my artwork, and the reel is a big part, there comes this cold shower, that in the end you have to learn, “Oh my gosh, it’s not this guy who gave 40 years of his life to create that.” It’s a contemporary artist. And that can be harsh, and it’s like waking up from a dream or so, but it needs to be a part. It’s then telling you what you came across, it’s like a novel in three dimensions.

  1. Longing For Itself []
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