If you’ve ever had the experience of buying a car, all of a sudden you start noticing all the other people that have the car are like you. Your car becomes, all of a sudden, all over the place. That might sound abstract, but check it out. In that time period, it was my feeling that the world we lived in was, in some sense, much more real than true. And what I mean by that is the following, that the reality that we lived in, seemed to be at war with the truth of the world in which we are, the organic world, the world of nature, and that we, in effect, developed a new world, a world of technology.1


My own feeling was that technology was something that we were not using and giving it good or bad use. It was like a new environment of life, and that I didn’t know how quite to put my head around it. I felt actually that I was maybe getting a little — going over the deep edge. And at some point I got to meet a gentleman named David Monongye who was a Hopi elder, a Kikmongwi, a person who was a medicine man from a very humble clan, however, the Parakeet clan, but a very powerful person.2 And he had a task given to him to make the Hopi prophecies available to Bohanna or the White people, the outside world. And I heard him. I met him through a friend, and I heard him speak.


And listening to him was like music to my ears. He said things like “Everything you White people call normal, we call abnormal. Everything you call sane, we call it insane.” And it resonated with what I felt, and immediately I started to see how this was not a singular thought that I was having. And as I got a little more mature and read other people, I could see that that was in the air, that there were other people feeling that, that the technology was way out of the box. We didn’t use it. It was as ubiquitous as the air we breathe as it were.

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