The ’60s were a worldwide miraculous time in the US, all over the world.1 You thought the world was made of geniuses during all the peace solving, in every field. And by the end of the ’60s, governments caught up with that they got scared of that freedom. Although nothing bad happened. All this freedom was not misused. It was a wonderful thing. And then indirectly censorship, manipulation, that’s not what — it slowed down tremendously. It’s unfortunate, because there are great minds, but there is no public debate. It’s different. It’s very different.


I mean it’s in books, but how many people buy books today? And even if you buy a book, you are alone with it at home. In the ’60s, you felt part of the other people, because it was in the streets. Televisions were freer, like the Vietnam War. The Vietnam War showed what was going on in Vietnam in great details. And that started the Anti-War Movement. Now, they don’t show war exactly the same way — they show one image. It’s not the same.

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