Men usually do — Mexican men or men of peasants, they usually do what they want and then they are taken care of by a woman. The woman cooks and the woman brings them their food to the fields, and then the woman bears the children, and the men are really like kings.1 Even in — not the bourgeoisie, but even in the middle class, if a young couple wants to get married, they need the salary of both of them.2 If they don’t have their salary — if they have only the money of the man, it’s very little. So, it’s very difficult, it makes life difficult for them. So, now Mexicans, they care for children between the two of them. They carry a child between the two, they feed him between the two, which didn’t happen before. The woman would stay at home and wait and take care of the children. And now the woman has to go out.

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