Well, I think I’m interested in people who sort of forget themselves, who sort of think that they — I think they believe that what’s important is coming, is happening outside them. Iā€™m not much — I don’t believe in writing everyday how you feel about events, or how you feel about the weather or how you feel about how others treat you. So, I go out in the streets, and this country gives you this possibility, because people are always there. They’re always outside your house. They’re always sort of looking into what you’re doing. So, it’s very easy to go outside, and reality is very strong, because when I go to New York — well, I never really go very often, but when I go, I always see people walking very quickly. They always have so much to do and they always take a coffee or reading a paper. And in Mexico, you see many people in the corner of streets that seem to have nothing for themselves, nothing to do.1 Sometimes they don’t speak to me at all, but I watch them.2 And sometimes, of course, I make up whatever they — I make up the things that I feel they would say, or they would do.3

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  2. Story That Is Embedded []
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