Well, in Mexico, power in government is really very, very — first of all, it’s very corrupt, and it’s very abusive.1 I don’t know if this happens in the States, but usually police are the ones who become the Los Delinquentes, who become the ones who attack, the robbers.2 Usually when you find out about robbers or murderers, they’ve usually been policemen. Because they are the ones who know the most about, well, how to go into a house or how to kill someone. So, it’s a very corrupt system. So, I have the idea, but I’m not sure if I’m right that all corruption in Mexico comes from the police. And of course, from the government or from the people who worked in the government, who are also — they think that the government is a source of richness for them. That if they work in the government, they would be — well, even if they don’t work, I mean if they just have a post in the government, they will be rich.


We just had a Governor of Tabasco called Granier, which is a French name, Granier, and he’s a horrible — he’s a robber. He stole during all the time he was there and they steal ridiculous amounts of money. It’s so much money that it makes you — it’s like Korea, like Imelda Marcos and Marcos. It’s like even — you feel like laughing. It’s even funny. They steal so much. There’s an element of ridicule in all this, which makes a — it’s like the dictators of Latin America. It’s funny, when you look at them and the things they do, you end up feeling that they are really like people in the comic strips.3 That they’re not even — they are grotesque.

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