I mean like I get called punk poet all the time now. That’s my new thing. And it’s like this has been going on for 10 years, I’m the punk poet. And I think that it’s because people don’t really know how to say loutish and kind of vital and vibrant. I mean they want to say something nice about something that’s a perceived bigness or something, but kind of a perceived off-ness and a little loose canoness. And I think it’s more about the person from the wrong class somehow still being with us, somehow having inserted herself into our world.


And how do you describe that? Because I really want — it’s like somebody who’s like in her 20s, takes my bio that doesn’t have the word punk in it at all, and says, “New York’s premier punk poet.” And I think what do you mean? You mean I’m kind of a little bit dirty, right? It’s a little dirty here.

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