In the ’60s, the upsurge of — the discovery of psychedelics was partially responsible for these social movements away from the corporate military complex such as the anti-war movement, the ecological movement, the movement for all sorts of rights and so on.1 So, they were perceived as a threat. And I think another level of it was that they were also opening people’s psychic channels, so that people are having psychic experiences.2 And these are actually — since we weren’t quite ready for that sort of unleashing of the psyche, these were also kind of disturbing for people.3


So, I think that the psyche wasn’t quite ready in the ’60s for psychedelics, and that’s why there was kind of a regression. But I look at the ’60s as the first phase of an initiation process, but I believe that we’re now in the next phase of that process. So, a generation later, a lot more people have gone through the psychedelic realm and have worked deeper within and have connected with lineages in South America and so on. So, I think the next phase is a deeper integration.

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