Well, at Pratt, my mother was worried about me being a starving artist. She thought it was a hyphenated word, and she didn’t want me to — she insisted I study commercial arts, so that I could make a living.1 So, I started in advertising art. However, my very first year in Pratt was absolutely — my whole career was actually based on that first year in Pratt, because I studied industrial design before I went into advertising.2


And industrial design, I was the only girl in the class. They had welding machines and things to cut with, and we learned how to draw three dimensionally. And I loved every bit of it, except that they were very concerned that, I was 16 at the time, whether I could handle the equipment. And they were very concerned about whether I’d loose a finger or something like that. And so, they suggested to my mother I be moved out of industrial design, and then I went to advertising design, and it broke my heart because I just loved everything about industrial design.


On the other hand, it gave me equipment for the rest of my life. I learned how to do three dimensional drawings, how to read plans, how to use machinery. It was absolutely made for me, but at that time it was unusual for a female to do that kind of work with one’s hand.

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