Because I didn’t have a successful rock and roll career or whatever, and didn’t have to sort of follow my audience, I could sort of choose my spots, so I got to — if I went somewhere and I really liked it, I would try to go back and manage to establish relationships with musicians and venues and situations and stuff and continue to go to the places that I was interested in.1 So, then it was really great, and there was a kind of thinking about music going on, and in some places it was — Italy and Germany and Europe, people — same people that thought about contemporary classical, were thinking about improvisation and writing about it, and it was a welcoming environment, a lot of interesting collaborations came out of these trips.2 And to be able to go somewhere and stay for a while and establish all kinds of relationships is great.3

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  2. Collaboration Someday []
  3. Belong To Globe []
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