They were very much opposed, but really opposed, my sister and — because there were no — I couldn’t make a living with Pedro in sense of a middle class, because Pedro was earning very little through — as a geographer.1 And that’s why he got to teach in another school. He would go to the suburbs at midnight to give class and things like that, because — to survive, because from Pedro, he never made any accidents on me, never — he wouldn’t understand what I was doing in the sense of — I mean he’s not ignorant, but the field of art of any field is very complex, but he got — seeing all the time how the development — so, he, I mean, wouldn’t be charging me “How are we going to live?” We never asked that. That’s it.


I had my parents up to the middle of the 70s, from the 60s, yeah, 50s, they were fine. But then not trying to help me, but I had children. Then they understood they had to help. We were going really to — I’m not exaggerating, but to starve or something.

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