Usually in the weekly magazines that they have here, that sell — things that sell the most.1 There you see very graphic images. And those things, there’s just some — that is something particular of Mexico I think, that has been going around since the 60s and 70s. Somehow they have catered to this curiosity, a morbid curiosity, and somehow it’s become prevalent and it’s all over the place in magazines.2 But luckily on television, it’s really not like that so much, I mean that you see, like that graphic things. In movie, I kind of mix the television and the magazine, because it wasn’t so interesting to show a magazine for practical reasons. But television is not like that so much. But there is — because I grew up, and many people grew up seeing those magazines. Even if you don’t buy them, they’re displayed in every newspaper stand in every corner, I’m sure that does something to anybody that sees them from all your life.


And also that I think has influenced the way that I show it in my movies, I’m pretty sure. The way that I show violence, comes from those magazines, I think. It comes from the way that I perceive those magazines, when I — I’m not a fan of them to tell you the truth, and I don’t like to see videos of people being hurt or anything like that, but there is a curiosity, and that’s what I explore in my movies. And when I’m preparing them, I barely do any type of actual research of how it would look, I don’t like to look at those images or anything. But it’s something that here in Mexico sells, and many — a lot of the violence of course does sell a lot of books, a lot of newspapers, a lot of television.3


So, there is — which is understandable, of course. I mean it’s part of the whole capitalism I guess, all those violent acts at the end, do make some people money, because people are curious and they want to see how the violence took place or what happened, and they buy the magazines or they watch the newspapers. So, that — I don’t know. I don’t think that that’s any type of a problem or anything like that. That’s just kind of a phenomenon that is interesting a little bit, but I don’t think that the media has anything to do with the violence in some way, in a conscious way towards the people. I mean I’m sure that they’re not — there’s other subjects there to do with violence, but not in that way I think.

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