In those days, this is 1958, isn’t it? Or is it 60? I had made a pretty good piece in college for flute, harpsichord and string orchestra, in a Baroque kind of style. You can imagine, Stravinsky’s Baroque pieces influenced us a lot at that time.1 And I went to Tanglewood, which was wonderful in the summer. Composers didn’t have any requirements. We just had little studios we could go in and work. Aaron Copland was wonderful, he was very ecumenical, he liked all kinds of work.


He gave classes in mainly orchestration as I remember. I didn’t study with him personally, but his classes were very interesting.2 You could talk about anything. And I worked on a couple of pieces when I was there and didn’t get much done. I didn’t get anything done that I really liked. But then I got a — I received a Fulbright. The second summer I was at Tanglewood, I went to Italy, and I came back, I was totally a different person. You know what I mean?

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