The only way you can ensure, perhaps, that you won’t be put into an abyss of gloom and despair is prepare yourself with options. How you do that? You get an education, learn how to orchestrate, learn how to write, learn how to perform and teach, which is one of the highest professions in the world, in my opinion; teaching.1 So, if one of those areas of expertise breaks down, you don’t go into a state of despair. You go and exercise your other options. You orchestrate for a while, or you conduct for a while, or you teach for a while.


So, I tell all youngsters, prepare yourself with options, so you have more than one exit door. If you have just one exit door, and a fire breaks out, you might get trampled to death. Right? So, you prepare yourself with options. And that’s how you do that. You go to the institutions of higher learning. There are some negatives in those institutions, yes. But there are more positives than negatives. I mean when you go out in the world, you have to know the difference between yes and no. And you can’t do that when you’re vulnerable, at a tender young age, you have all vulnerabilities, and to buffer you against that, get an education. That’s what I tell young people.

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